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Per Enoksson
Per is the founder of Hikki. He shifts between being an artist and a product developer who works with sales and development of new products as well as with the brand. He likes problem solving, especially when it sometimes gives birth to great and purposeful things. He is your typical jack-of-all-trades with a perspective from both the mountaintops and the city streets. | 070 – 637 08 20


Fredrik Petrusson
Fredrik is an all-round person. He can handle anything from web development to building baking ovens. He is a creative product developer who can be seen in the Swedish TV-show “Uppfinnarna” (The Inventors). Fredrik is also the creator of the elegant rucksack Baccy Packs.


Moa Krestesen
Moa is Hikki’s sidekick. Having a great eye for esthetic details, she lays the finishing touches at installations and events. She also contributes when extra support is needed in sales and when Hikki’s studio needs a shape up. Apart from working with Hikki, Moa is also an artist and one half of the art duo Sisters of Jam.

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