Hikki natural spa

Imagine relaxing right by a purling brook, finding a bathtub behind a mossy rock steaming with hot water and slipping into a sweat lodge with a floor consisting of birch twigs.

Within the near future, Hikki will present a new concept for outdoor bathing, relaxation and recreation: Hikki Naturspa. It will be located somewhere in northern Sweden and will serve as a physical and mental glade for those of you who long for an undemanding existence, free of stress. A place that you can experience either alone or together with others.

We use what we have and what we know. Our knowledge about life in the wild and handicraft is inherited from the Sámi people of Sapmi (Sámi country). We fuse that with art that can be used or just viewed. In our natural spa, you can move between the sauna, relaxation areas and hanging out in a comfortable setting.

If you or your company would like to visit Hikki Naturspa when it opens, please e-mail us at per@hikki.se.

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