Faster Greta

1500 €

Shipping cost depends on region.
4-6 Weeks delivery time.
3mm Corten Steel
Chimney pipe in steel & oak handle
112 kg with all parts
76 kg without removable parts
Width 71 cm
Depth 51 cm
Height with pipe 156 cm
Height without pipe 92 cm
Baking surface
47x47 cm (43cm opening)
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Greta was a kind-hearted sami woman from the Tärnaby neighbourhood. She always had a cup of coffee for hikers, friends and others who happened to pass by. If you knocked on her door at the right time, chances were that you could be invited in for a bit of soft flatbread – Gaahkoe in Sami – straight from her wood fired stove. Faster Greta is a tribute to her kindness, generosity and widely bespoken baking skills.

Faster Greta is an outdoors wood-fired stove that you can use to bake pizza, bread and basically all dishes that can be cooked in a regular oven, but you can also use it simply as a heat source to gather around during cold and dark evenings.

Faster Greta is made of corten steel, which is a special sort of steel alloy that develops a protective rust-like outer layer from exposure to the elements and the seasons change. Corten steel eliminates the need for paint and recurrent maintenance.

Product Information

What sorts of food can you make in Faster Greta

The possibilities are, as they say, endless - Pizza, Bread, just about any recipe you can make in a regular oven. Oh, and also, Faster Greta is also a grill. Simply slide in the supplied grill grate in the lower part of the oven and make use of the coal!

How much maintenance does Faster Greta require?

Not much. Since it's made of corten steel theres no need for maintenance on the body of the oven. The only two things is to empty the coal from the furnace and scrub the stones with a steel brush from time to time.

+ How to assemble Faster Greta
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