Sotiga Grytan

2800 €

Shipping cost depends on region.
6-8 Weeks delivery time.
Marine aluminium & oak
Holds two adults
Length 168 cm
Width 95 cm
Height 56,5 cm
Water volume
380 litres / 100 gal
34 kg - Tub only
72 kg - Tub with all parts
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A wood fired hot tub with an external oven.
Hold two adults and work all year round.

Sotiga Grytan looks back at the origins of outdoor tubs. Then: burned buttocks, shallow water depths, slow heating. Now: comfortable, sophisticated enjoyment but with the same simple principles; fill the tub with water, get a fire going underneath it and prepare for peaceful relaxation.

The wooden interior protects your behind from the heat and the metal sides never become warmer than the water. Over time, the heat of the fire will give the metal exterior a beautiful, black hue. Sotiga Grytan is made from the same durable and beautiful materials as Bohemen: salt water resistant aluminium and oak. And just as Bohemen, Sotiga Grytan can be used with fresh as well as salt water.

The durability of the materials and the tub’s light weight makes way for absorbing, wood-fired bathing experiences in places where a traditional hot tub or sauna could never be placed.

Product Information

How do you maintain Sotiga Grytan?

It's simple - just clean it with a mild soap, rinse it and let it dry. If you want to keep the wood looking new then you will have to oil it every now and then - but you don't have to; if you just leave the wood it will get a beautiful silver grey color.

+ How to assemble Sotiga Grytan
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