Sotiga grytan


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Exclusive yet simple. New yet ancient. Presenting Sotiga Grytan, which holds two adults.

Sotiga Grytan looks back at the origins of outdoor tubs. Then: burned buttocks, shallow water depths, slow heating. Now: comfortable, sophisticated enjoyment but with the same simple methods.

Fill the tub with water, get a fire going below it and prepare for peaceful relaxation. The wooden interior protects your behind from the heat and the metal sides never become warmer than the water. Over time, the heat of the fire will give the metal exterior a beautiful, black hue.

Sotiga Grytan is made from salt water resistant aluminium and can hold fresh as well as salt water. The durability of the material and its light weight, combined with our careful attention to design, makes way for absorbing, wood-fired bathing experiences in places where a traditional hot tub or sauna could never be placed. The tub is easy to move and durable enough to be placed where you want to place it.

Here you’ll find a picture-based instruction on how to install it with a smoke pipe.

Take a look here if you would like to know how to bathe like in times of old. (The pictures are of the first Sotiga Grytan model, which has been discontinued.)

Materials: Salt water resistant aluminium and oak.
Size: Holds two adults.
Measures: Length 168 cm, width 95 cm, height 56.5 cm. Maximum water depth 44 cm.
Volume: 379 litres (when ready for bathing).
Heating time: Approx. 90–120 minutes (depending on season).
Weight: 72 kilos.
Other: Leca blocks not included.

Design: Per Enoksson
Our tubs are made in Latvia by truly skilled boatwrights.

The design of Sotiga grytan is protected under the Community Design Protection by OHIM, nr. 002375931-0001