Art and Crafts

Per Enoksson, born and raised in Tärnaby in northern Sweden, is the founder of Hikki. As a child he learned to craft his own knifes and other Sámi everyday use objects out of leather and reindeer horn. His parents had a studio where they made Sami handicraft – that gave Per unlimited possibilities for creative adventures, which strongly contributed to his choice of profession later in life.

The Sauna

In the mid-nineties Per Enoksson build a sweat lodge, much like the ones Native Americans use for ceremonial sauna baths. The sweat lodge was made for his cabin in the mountains, and therefore had to be easy to relocate. His newfound love for sauna baths in the nature became a source for more ideas on how to improve the experience. Per – instead of building a classic hot tub – placed a worn enamel bathtub next to the sweat lodge. The water was heated by making a fire directly under the tub and flagstones at the bottom of the tub worked as isolation against the heat. The combination of a sweat lodge and a bathtub made the experience quite unique and refreshing. The rituals surrounding the bath, the fire and the nature became important parts of the experience.

A wood-fired bathtub

During a long and challenging mountain hike – when his longing for a bath was almost unbearable – suddenly a new product idea emerged: a small hot tub! Or, rather, a wood-fired bathtub. It had to heat up quickly, be easy to clean and designed with care. His point of departure in the design process was old zinc bathtubs with their beautiful patina, something he wanted to combine with his experience of making fires underneath regular bathtubs. Trying to convey something new yet ancient became the goal for his design endeavor. The first prototype on a wood-fired bath came in 2009 and it was named Bohemen.

To develop sustainable products with timeless design – encouraging a tranquil lifestyle – is the essence of Hikki’s concept.



Art by Per Enoksson. Visit his homepage