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Bohemen is an outdoors hot tub with an built in wood-fired stove. Holds two adults and two children and works all year round. Made out of aluminum and oak, the tub is a breeze to move, clean and maintain. Scandinavian design in it's essence - simplicity, durability and functionality.
4280 €
Side view of Sotiga Grytan. Our smaller outdoors tub, perfect sized for a couple. Easy to clean and move, and with a significantly shorter warm up time than the typical round tub, Sotiga Grytan is truly the given alternative for those who seek an outdoors bathing experience.
Sotiga Grytan
3125 €
Faster Greta works as a pizza oven just as well as a regular oven. It's also a grill. A truly versatile product for all sorts of cooking in the outdoors! Made by Hikki.
Faster Greta
1790 €
Our pizza peel is made from aluminium and oak with a long and comfortable grip
Pizza Peel
Lillhälla is a fireplace, grill and coffee maker in one! Made completely out of corten steel, it's as rigid as it's robust. Perfect for a cup of coffee in during a cold day or to gather round for a small barbeque
390 €
Winter insulation for Bohemen. Made from soft cel plastic and heavy duty marine textile
Insulation for Bohemen
590 €
Cover for Bohemen. Made from heavy duty marine textile. Prevents leaves, dirt and bird poop from getting into the tub.
Cover for Bohemen
390 €
Water insulation for Bohemen
290 €