Water insulation for Bohemen


Shipping cost depends on region
1-2 Week delivery time
Material plate
2mm Aluminium
Material insulation
20mm Soft cell plastic
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A floating water insulation for Bohemen.
Shortens the warm-up time and prevents dirt from getting into the tub.

A tailor-made water insulation for our outdoors hot tub Bohemen. The plate is held in place by the oven and chimney pipe and the insulation is strapped onto the aluminium plate by a sturdy, elastic nylon band. The insulation floats on top of the water and prevents heat from evaporate, which shortens the warm-up time, and even more so when combined with the body insulation. When the water reaches your preferred temperature, simply detach the insulation, leave the plate in place, tilt back the backrest, and you’re good to go! Simple, elegant and very handy!

Product Information

Is there any risk of the insulation being burnt by the stove?

No, no worries. The nylon strap keeps the insulation a safe distance away from the stove.

Do I have to remove the insulation after the water is warmed?

You need to detach the soft cell plastic, but leave the aluminium plate on. Then simply tilt back the backrest against the plate and you're good to go!

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