Insulation for Bohemen

480 €

Shipping cost depends on region
1-2 Weeks delivery time
Material outer layer
Heavy duty marine textile
Material inner layer
2cm soft cell plastic
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A sturdy winter insulation for Bohemen.
Shortens the warm-up time and keeps the water warm for longer.

An insulation for Bohemen that you attach to the tub with velcro straps. The outer layer is made from the same heavy duty marine textile as the cover, and the inner layer is made of a soft cell plastic that efficiently insulates the tub.

The insulation is perfect for those who long for a winter bath! Not only does it shorten the warm up time by itself, combined with our floating insulation it truly transforms Bohemen into a winter bathers dream! The outer layer also adds a warmer design element to the tub, for those who prefer that instead of the more industrial look of the aluminum treadplate.

Product Information

Is there any risk of burning the insulation?

No, no worries. The body of the tub doesn't get warmer than the water, so there's no risk of burning the cover.

Can I leave the insulation on during the summer?

Absolutely! But note that since the temperature difference between the bath and the surrounding air isn't as great during summer as in winter, the efficiency of the insulation is not as great in summertime. Laws of physics, and all that.

How do I clean the insulation?

The fabric is hand wash only, and at max 40°C. Mix a solution of water and few drops of a mild soap. Don't tumble dry, let it dry out in the open. The cell plastic rarely get dirty, and the little dirt it may attract is easily wiped of with a damp cloth.

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