Terms and conditions

Payment methods

For our costumers outside of Sweden we offer payment through Paypal or directly through IBAN. If you prefer to pay with Paypal we will send an invoice to your e-mail. The invoice shows all costs and lets you click a link and pay in an easy and safe way through Pay Pal.

The reliability of the information on the website

The information on this website is primarily intended for Hikki costumers in Sweden and isn’t necessarily applicable in other countries. We make reservations for possible errors and price changes. Hikki assumes no responsibility for demands or losses caused by possible errors on this website. Hikki reserves the right to, at any time, change prices and product specifications. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Purchasing agreement

You have to be 18 years of age to make purchases from hikki.se

For our costumers outside of Sweden the only options for payment are Paypal or direct payment through IBAN. Send your enquiry to us and we will get back to you through e-mail. When your order is placed an agreement is in place between you and hikki.se. If there are changes in pricing, shipping time or other important conditions, we will contact you as soon as possible. Hikki reserves the right to make these changes after an order has been placed and to deny any purchase. Until full payment is placed, the seller owns the shipped products.


Prices are always in euro on our English site (unless otherwise stated). The prices to end consumer in our chosen countries within the EU includes VAT (value added tax) if nothing else is stated. Other possible taxes or expenses, extra packaging, duty fees, insurances, landing fees, documentations or similar costs, are not included.

If force majeure, mistakes by subcontractors, changes in the currency situation etc. should happen and affect contracted prices or the fulfillment of the shipment, the prices of the delivery date is applicable. In that case, the seller contacts the buyer, giving the buyer a chance to cancel or change the order. False orders or fraud will be reported to the police.


We will send you your product within 4-6 weeks after we have received your payment. If we are able to deliver earlier than that, we will contact you. Your delivery address must be reachable for a full sized truck with a tailgate lift. Any haulage outside of our control that is caused by, for example, troubles reaching your address, will be charged for.

Our delivery company will, according to agreement, deliver individual packages with a weight of more than 30 kg to ground level and inside boundaries of building plots if the driver is able to use a pallet jack. Package or pallet is not recovered and no carrying is included in the pricing. One person should be able to handle every individual package. If the package is lighter than 30 kg it will be delivered inside apartments or on to lots.

Unclaimed orders

For unclaimed orders that are returned to us, we will charge for the actual costs, such as shipping and storage. We will also charge 250 euro to cover the administration.

Right to withdraw and purchase on approval

According to the Swedish Distance Contracts Act you have the right to withdraw your purchase and return your order without any particular reason within 14 days. In that case you are responsible for paying the shipping costs when the order is returned to our storage in Sweden. If you have used, manipulated or damaged the products, you no longer have the right to withdraw the order.

Delays that we cannot affect

Should our delivery company face obstacles that we cannot control, which affects you as a costumer in the form of delays, we will not compensate for the possible damages that the delay has caused you. We will, however, help you with the communications with the delivery company to solve the problem.

Who takes the risk for the order?

As soon as the order has been delivered, the costumer takes the risk for the products.


Repayment will be carried out after the return is complete.


For a deviation to be valid we need to receive it within eight days after the costumer has received the order. Deviations include (but are not limited to) lost documents, wrong product type, the wrong number of products delivered or complaints on delivered products.

The delivery company is responsible for damages, broken packages, lost orders or other deviations surrounding the delivery. The person receiving the order is responsible for reporting any of these events directly to the person delivering the goods. We do not take responsibility for direct or indirect expenses that affect the costumer and are caused by deviations in the delivery, unless there is a written agreement that states otherwise.

The costumer is always responsible for examining the delivered products at the time of the delivery. Any damage is reported directly to the person delivering the goods. The costumer will then receive a verification of the damages. Save this verification. Any visible damages detected after the delivery has to be reported to us within seven days.

Returning goods

Return goods are handled according to the minimum guarantee stated in the Swedish Costumer Service Act, which is valid for 36 months. Any returns have to be proceeded by the costumer receiving a number for returning goods and a waybill from us.

Approved returns will be charged with 20 % of the invoice worth of the goods. Returning goods have to be undamaged and unused. Please contact us for these kinds of questions.


The costumer has a 2-year warranty according to the Swedish Costumer Service Act, given that the maintenance advice has been followed.


According to the Personal Data Act (1998:2004) no registration of personal information can occur without consent from the subject. When you order from our web shop or set up an account at hikki.se, you are approving the storing of your personal information. Hikki.se stores the information we need to complete your order.

You have the right to view your personal information stored by us. If the information is wrong, incomplete or irrelevant, you have the right to request for it to be corrected or deleted. According to the Personal Data Act, for us to hand out information, you have to sign a written demand and send it to us at

Your personal information

Only hikki.se has access to your personal information. We counteract any form of spam. As our costumer you might receive e-mails concerning your order, your payment or other information surrounding the purchase. You might also receive information and newsletters. We do not hand out your personal information to any third party. If we send out a membership mail, you can easily deregister by clicking a link in the e-mail.

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